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SPFE Open Toolkit Alpha 1

The first alpha release of the SPFE Open Toolkit is now available. This is a very preliminary release, more likely to be of interest to XML geeks than to authors. A lot of stuff is not here or is not working, but the basic configuration and build system is working, and demonstrates the modularity of the system. Soft linking is also working. There is minimal documentation, and what there is has to be built by running the SPFE build on the source files, per the instructions below.

Download for Windows:

Download for Linux: spfe.alpha1.20120422.tar.gz

To make it run:

  1. Unpack the archive to a suitable location.
  2. Create an environment variable SPFEOT_HOME and set it to the location of the spfe-ot directory. For example: SPFEOT_HOME=/home/yourname/spfe/spfe-ot
  3. Add the spfe-ot directory to your path.
  4. If not already installed, install Java.
  5. If not already installed, install ANT and add it to your path.

To build the SPFE docs:

  1. Go to the directory spfe/spfe-docs/build.
  2. Enter: spfe spfe-docs-config.xml draft. The build will create a directory spfebuild in your home directory. The SPFE docs will be in /spfebuild/spfe-docs/output.

If it does not work for you, use the comments to ask for help. Ditto if you can’t figure out what it does. Ditto if you would like to contribute to the development.

More documentation will be coming soon.